Cemeteries & Churches


We've compiled a list of local cemeteries and churches that you may find useful when trying to find service locations. Each location is followed by a map and directions.  If you don't see the location you’re looking for, please feel free to contact us for assistance or recommend a new cemetery or church.






Anner | Carriere, Mississippi 


Antioch | 8th Avenue, Picayune, MS 


Benville | Benville Road, Picayune, MS


Caesar | Union Road, Picayune, MS 


Catahoula | Highway 43 South, Picayune, MS 


First Baptist Church of Carriere Cemetery | 7264 Highway 11, Carriere, MS 


Henleyfield Community | 5715 Highway 43 North, Carriere, MS 


McNeill Cemetery | P.O. Box 27, McNeill, MS 


Memorial Gardens Cemetery | Highway 43 South, Picayune, MS 


Mill Creek | Highway 43 South, Picayune, MS 


Mitchell | Dummy Line Road, Picayune, MS 


Necaise | Pearlington, MS 


New Palestine | 2336 Palestine Road, Picayune, MS 


Pine Grove | Picayune, MS 


Skipper | Salem Road, Picayune, MS 


Smith | Highway 53 South of Necaise, Pearlington, MS 


Sycamore | 112 East Sycamore Road, Picayune, MS


Thigpen | Williamsburg Road, Picayune, MS 


Victory | Highway 603 & Dummy Line Road, Pearlington, MS 


Wolfe Creek | Wolf Creek Road, Pearlington, MS